In these days advertising should reach the right audience and translate into action. We coordinate perceptive campaigns that are optimized across different media to influence and ensure maximum impact.
We offer our advertising services on retainer ship.
Media planning:
We then describe the communication objective; select the media, optimize it in terms of customer obligations and budget allotment, and make an integrated media campaign. This assists you obtain the best media mix to reach the right audience within your budget.
An execution and review:
We receive the brief and translate it into the suitable medium using a mix of policy and creativity and verify the output, measure the performance and improve upon it. This assists you obtain your message across successfully.
A sampling of what we can do:

    • Strategizing ad placements for product launches
    • Devising Internet ads for maximum impact
    • Developing yearly ad plans using various media
    • Designing ad campaigns for building awareness
    • Creating innovative written and visual content for the print media

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