Our Corporate Branding Services have helped many companies attract more clients, convert more sales and secure more replicate business by offering corporate branding solutions that assist expand a position brand identity.

Team e-Merchant provide customized Corporate Branding Solutions and Strategies, which ensembles the requirements of companies of every size, be it a sole proprietorship, a start up or a large firm.

Corporate Branding Services:

    • Corporate identity development (logo design)
    • Social media- set up and implementation
    • Advertizing
    • Search engine optimization and web advertizing
    • Website design
    • Brand naming
    • Direct marketing
    • Marketing communications planning and implementation supervision

Here is a synopsis of our corporate branding solutions and services:

    • Manage the brand strategy to keep your brand on track
    • Create a brand identity
    • Internally and externally, implement the brand strategy
    • Develop brand identity manual that finalizes branding components & branding designs
    • Develop brand strategy & marketing communications plan

We describe your brand positioning, messaging and brand identity through our corporate branding methodology. If you wish to inquire about our corporate branding services, feel free to contact us with your project details.

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