e-Merchant has a focused team of business analysts that assist customers to support and improve new ideas and perceptions. We preferably believe in a methodical approach to pricing and therefore chase only the best strategy and policies. This helps us in being able to recommend only the right business model to the customer.
At our agency, we pride ourselves on providing customers with first class interaction efficient solutions.  We offer our people an outstanding place to work, with opportunities for development that they can world-shaping impact, developing exceptional leaders, trust-based relationships, finding pioneering solutions and people who have a passion to help.

Quick and Easy way to use Actual Resource:

    • At e-Merchant, we use different business models in order to offer best services to our clients that have diverse obligations.
    • We plan our on-going projects and resources and assign agreed hours in our existing schedule as per our on-going project priorities and accomplish all your tasks.
Time & material:

    • We conclude if the project is big and requirements are not clearly laid out or if the project is more of web maintenance.
    • When the requirement of project, scope of work and execution of project plan cannot be efficiently estimated during the initial phase, Time & Material model is the best option to choose and proceed with the development.
Hire dedicated resources:

    • Hiring dedicated resource has become a latest trend in the web world to get effective and competent solution without investing on infrastructure.
    • You can practically expand your staff overseas and grow your business tactfully with this model.
    • This model works best for businesses that have multiple projects to outsource and needs a dedicated team to execute all the projects.
Fixed scope:

    • When you send us the enquiry, we conclude the scope of work for your project upfront and give you pricing and timeline estimate upfront.
    • Consequently our QA team does the quality testing of your project and after their approval we ask you to test the functionalities and after approval, we close the project.
    • This model is appropriate for our partners who do not have a very precise set of requirements.

e-Merchant professionals modify the business model to work around the client precise from business goals to project management and business analyst practices. The selection of the model depends of your favorites, particularities of your business organizing and the type of service you wish. Depending on which service you need and on your special obligations and preferences we can offer several business models that suit your prerequisites and budget.

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