Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing where the publisher is recompensed with some gifts or cash as commission. It is very similar to PPC Advertising. Affiliate Internet Marketing is a very cost effective way of marketing, as it is based on a Pay-for-Performance model i.e. you only pay your affiliate for each click, registration, sale or cost per thousand impressions.

Affiliate Program Management – Process

As part of the Affiliate Program Management service we present, our team proficiently supervises your Affiliate Program by:
    • Tracking the recital of your affiliates and the program as a total, and modification the marketing policy consequently
    • Defining a unique affiliate marketing policy for your business
    • Compiling reports on the Affiliate Program and sharing them with you
    • Recognizing and signing up with suitable affiliates, based on the profile of your brand and the exact demographic it targets

With the benefits we offer, it would be counterproductive to let go of this opportunity to get dependable organization for your affiliate program.

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