11 August 2014
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Google Rolls out New Pigeon Update – Watch out On-Going Local SEO Changes


local seo pigeon

On July 24, news hit that Google launched out a new and  major algorithm update for local search named “Pigeon” by  industry’s leading SEO resource “Search Engine Land” (SEL)

Not many details revealed by Google about the so-called  Pigeon yet, but webmasters report substantial changes in  their local rankings over a few days.

Here we put up the small compilation to explain what “Pigeon” is, how it impacts your rankings and how to alter your SEO strategy with the on-going changes.

Let’s find out what is PIGEON?

• Update is aimed at providing useful and appropriate local search results.

• Pigeon is not a penalty based update like Panda or penguin intended to clean the search results from low quality content/ sites.

• Update is the root change to the local search algorithm.

For better idea about the update take a look at the on-going changes and the measures to be taken if affected by Pigeon

Change 1

Local Rankings disappear for multiple queries

One of the vital changes noticed after the update is the sudden decrease in the number of local list pack search results for many queries.

How to identify and recover the traffic

Over the last few days if you discovered a sudden traffic drop, that could be due to your vanished local listings.

In the short run you can recover the traffic loss with a PPC campaign and in the long run pay attention to get the web search results for those queries.

Change 2

Local Rankings are expected to rely more on website authority

The new local search algorithm is said to be more related with the traditional search ranking signals. To paraphrase, it means that, local rankings would now be identified by domain authority, quality back links and all other SEO ranking factors.

Identify and take required action

If your local rankings are dropped all of a sudden over the past few days, it indicates your SEO lacks quality.Run a complete audit to determine the quality of back links, content and other SEO factors.

Change 3

Improved rankings noticed for local directories

Local directories have seen a considerable boost in the rankings. For some searches the complete top rankings are occupied with the popular local directories.

What to do

Many of your customers can now find your business website through local directories. This makes it important to create a strong business presence on the well-known local directory sites in your niche.

To Sum Up

Though the changes in the search results seem to be quite extensive, the general rules of local SEO are expected to remain the same. Here are some basic recommendations for your local business to gain better Google exposure and visibility.

• Create Google+ local page for your business.

• Choose a proper category for your local page to appear in local results

• Use local area code phone number as primary phone number on Google + local page.

• Ensure that the Name, Address & Phone Number on your website matches with NAP on your G+ local page.

• Encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews about your service or product. The Number of positive reviews has proven impact on the search results.

• Include the city or state you are targeting in to your website’s title tag.

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