The cross-platform technologies can be used in more devices & platforms with writing a smallest amount of source code.

At e-Merchant the proficiency and capability of the cross platform mobile developers is aptly demonstrated in the robust mobile apps developed.

The e-Merchant expertise – Enumerated:

    • Social Media networks such as Twitter, Face book and online communities can be incorporated.
    • Can customize, install, integrate, deploy and implement open source packages
    • For web development projects cross platform mobile developer can be hired.
    • Capable and experienced team of CP mobile developers obtainable who can use standard web technologies and make fast and useful mobile apps

The Unique e-Merchant features:

    • Supports all major mobile platforms include iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows mobile and Symbian
    • Make apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • Single code for building mobile apps for iPhone and Android platform
    • Facilitates web technologies to deliver native functionality to devices
    • Consulting and integration services to enterprises

The e-Merchant spectrum:

Here are our offerings in cross platform mobile apps development across various categories:

    • Education
    • Photography
    • Business
    • Music &video
    • Tools & Utilities
    • Shopping
    • Productivity
    • Books
    • Travel
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