5 September 2014
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Mobile Friendly Website – Why Your Business Needs One?

mobile friendly website With the exceptional upturn of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets in the recent years, businesses now need to desperately think about creating websites to reach mobile customers. But despite the mobile revolution many businesses still continue to ignore the need for the mobile solutions to their customers.

The risk of ignoring the mobile users can hugely outweigh the benefits.

Here are some good reasons why your business needs to take advantage of the growing mobile platforms:

1.  It is what your customers want – and they expect it from you

Gradually, your customers are not sitting in front of desktops or laptops. Rather, they are on the go, and are visiting your website from their mobile devices.

Regular websites do not display well on mobile phones. Mobile phones have small displays and will often collapse visuals of traditional websites. Your Mobile friendly website needs to be diminished to just important features, with content that includes links to informative pages while enlarging interface details for easy touch screen navigation.

What does that mean? If you don’t give customers the easy visibility and navigation they want, you will lose customers to competitors.

2. Mobile visits leads to purchases

With the growth of mobile browsing, research is a key action for mobile customers. Consumers research on mobile devices through out the purchase process.

Identifying where your customer is in the buying cycle is key to learn what message needs to be delivered to them, and how. Studies say:

• Mobile consumers spend over 15 hours a week researching products, services deals and more.

• It takes around 6 visits to a website for a mobile consumer to make a purchase.

So, if you don’t make it easy for your customers to execute these actions, you are simply turning their way to your competitor.

Majority of shoppers reach out to another mobile-friendly site instead of switching to a PC and revisiting your site.

3.  A bad mobile experience can harm a company’s brand

Visitors get frustrated and annoyed when they visit across a site that isn’t mobile-friendly .A bad mobile experience can create wrong identity about your website and makes visitors less likely to engage with your company in the future.

4.  Mobile Local Search is Big

With more and more people searching for local products and services on their mobile devices, it is increasingly becoming crucial that you have a user-friendly mobile presence.  An effective mobile site turns visits to sales or leads.

5.  Search Engines value you

Search Engine giant Google is more focused on the mobile market than before. With its Android base, Google needs to meet the expectations of its mobile searchers. By being mobile friendly you will help Google achieve its goal and in turn you will gain the search rank you deserve.

What it all means to you as a website owner?

It is clear that mobile is quick catching up on traditional browsing when it comes to the essential points of purchase decision-making such as awareness, research, illustration and purchase.

With consumers greatly spending more time on mobile and making purchases almost instantly upon validation, it should not be a big question about whether businesses should consider having a mobile friendly website. Instead, it should be how much of a mobile strategy is required.

So thinking how go about creating a mobile-friendly site? With effective and innovative Web Design Services, e-Merchant Digital helps you design mobile websites making it perfectly suitable for mobile visitors.