Our personalized data duplication tools ensure that all your important data is automatically saved and stored, and you never find yourself in a difficult situation because of data loss.
Our proficiency will assist to restore any data loss, or functionality loss for application, within a identify time frame, your business activities will not come to stand still even in tremendous conditions.
The disaster recovery plans include failover and fall back strategies for:

    • Net work connectivity
    • Servers
    • Database
    • Applications

e-Merchant offers a wide range of Disaster Recovery Management services
    • Headwear recovery
    • Completer Recovery Planning
    • System recovery
    • Work area recovery

Key advantages of e-Merchant IT Disaster Recovery Management services
    • Definite accessibility of stand-by systems means business can continue to function after disaster hits
    • Whole disaster recovery planning and execution at low rates
    • Quick data recovery and restoration means insignificant or no loss of man hours

Planning assists you identify and entirely insure business critical elements

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