20 February 2015
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Technical SEO Aspects that will Continue to Dominate in 2015

Technical SEOTechnical SEO analysis is the basis of any feasible SEO program. Without expert SEO analysis, it is impossible to know just how search engines view your website.

There are a few SEO technical areas that have always been standing out and need extra attention even in 2015. Here are the important aspects to focus on.

Website Speed

website speed

Site speed is not only a significant ranking factor, but even more importantly, a basic element of a good user experience.

Visitors have such a short attention spans these days, not to mention hardly a nano-second of patience while searching online. If your site is very slow people will leave and move to your competitors, within seconds, no matter where you rank.

Avoid Flash

No Flash

If you are developing a new site, try not to use too much Flash. Flash is poorly indexed, so avoid using it for content or particularly any form of navigation. You may have some SEO and designer clashes here, but there is always a fix for two such important aspects.

Flash is possibly a traffic and conversion killer for your site. It is time to get on to HTML5. Small bits of flash is ok, but avoid SEO based areas as spiders cannot read Flash, the content may also not be read by search engines. HTML5 is SEO-friendly, and Google spiders can read and index content written in HTML5.

Mobile Optimization

Responsive design

Always on the list, mobile optimization or a responsive site is fast becoming a necessity.

Recently, for the first time, mobile traffic outshined desktop traffic. As majority of users are using more than one device to search and purchase, your website need to be usable on mobile devices. Even if your site is not designed to convert on mobile, users at least need to be able to use your site and find information to keep on the path to conversion instead of getting frustrated and looking for an alternative.

Equally, Google considers a non-mobile optimized site as providing a lower quality experience to the users. If you want to watch your rankings improve, you need a mobile optimized site.

Canonical Sites and Duplicate Pages


Websites that can be accessed using both www and non-www URL addresses, or through other duplicated formats, can hurt their ranking strengths. When a particular page can be accessed by using any one of multiple URLs, search engines assume that there are several unique pages. This rings alarm bells for spiders not only for a huge amount of duplicated content, but also they have no way of deciding which they should rank.

Worst of all, you are dividing your site’s authority by creating two or more weak sites instead of one solid, authoritative site. There are a couple of ways to sort these issues out either by using canonical tags or 301 redirects.

XML Site Map

XML sitemap

Though a basic one, but still often ignored. Ensure that your site has an up to date XML Sitemap.

The sitemap.xml is used to guide search engines about the site and tell how it is arranged. This helps search engines better place your website in user searches. By sustaining a good site structure and reducing broken links, web crawlers discover most or your site. A poorly maintained site will not be crawled as logically, and is likely that fewer pages will be indexed.

Alt text for Images

Alt text for images

Help Google spiders to understand more about your images by properly employing alt attributes and relevant image descriptions. Remember, search engines can’t view your images; you need to give them text to work with. You need to do this throughout your site and keep attributes and descriptions updated.


Technical SEO analysis is related with making your website’s platform, hierarchy and architecture strong, while also ensuring that the search engines can crawl and understand your website’s content. Without this, any other efforts put in the name of optimization will fall flat. There is so much more to the technical site of SEO, but this basic checklist should be a good starting point for getting your website in order.

As technical SEO is the only foundation for a healthy SEO campaign, e-Merchant Digital provides custom advice regarding all the important technical Search Engine Optimization aspects of your website including thorough link, content, and design analysis.

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