We automate the application to perform needed testing quickly and regularly. We have productively executed automation testing for frequent customers in the insurance services and financial domains.
Automation testing is categorized on the basis of the automation component they leverage, such as:

    • Key word-driven testing
    • Data-driven testing
    • Hybrid testing
    • Modularity-driven testing

Benefits received through automation testing include:
    • Services geared towards reusability and accommodation for adjustments
    • Improved regression testing accomplished in shorter time frames
    • Automation testing is flexible, iterative and constant for the complete application
    • Reduction in iterative testing for future applications
    • Improved consistency over the entire testing process for better outcomes

Our methodology is to incorporate function libraries, test data cradles, object details and different reusable components. Our framework is an integrated system that sets the rules of automation of a specific application.

Our flawless process, severe obedience to international standards, fully transparent functioning and flexible delivery models make us the most preferred testing partner for your business.

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