With compatibility testing, we evaluate how well a software application functions in presentation with its pertinent hardware, software, operating systems and network environments.
We execute after taking any compatibility project is to define the compatibility issues that are important for the product and design a cost-effective medium of platforms the product should be tested against.
We test on an agreed range of machines that match or exceed the minimum condition, incorporating a wide range of operating systems, processors, graphic cards and speeds.
e-Merchant digital solutions Approach
Evaluation: Identify a customer’s obligations and assess any compatibility issues
Planning: conclude all possible test circumstances and coverage measurements
Execution: Execute tests by highly skilled and experienced test engineers, against the mandatory hardware and software environments.
Reporting: Report results of user test environments, identifying found defects and issues, test cases, with thorough and detailed analysis of possible causes and solution options.

Our typical compatibility test services include:

    • Various third-party Software (Browsers, Firewalls, Network, Multimedia plug-ins etc.)
    • Various Hardware Configurations
    • Various Hardware Configurations Various Computer Peripherals (Printers, Zip drives, USBs etc.)
    • Different Operating Systems / Platforms

Our compatibility test lab is equipped with range of current OS along with facility to test across older versions or the latest beta versions based on the customer requirements.

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