• Can the end customers carry out the jobs they required to perform?
    • Does the application do what it is hypothetical to do?
    • Does the developed system address all the functionalities in the condition?

These are some questions that are addressed by our functional testing services.
Functional testing services comprise the confirmation of the application and check if all the business obligations of the application are fulfilled and tested.
Functional understanding
Our teams refer to the business obligations condition and explore the application-under-test (AUT).
Test design
We document the tests to be executed on application in form of test cases after analyzing the product. These test circumstances address the business necessities legalization and the other test criteria.
Test execution and closure
Test execution involves re-testing of application and tracking each issue to conclusion.
We offer manual and automated functional testing services. Our functional testing services are obtainable for .NET, Java, PHP, VC++, Web Services, and XML based applications.

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